• Image of Flux - Double Disc CD

Release date: 28th Mar 2011

Order code: SIGCD227

Flux is Signum’s second release with the Lunar Saxophone Quartet.

This disc of the group’s commissions combines the works of established composers such as Gabriel Jackson and Michael Nyman with others by contemporaries of the group – a ‘flux’ of styles and influences from a group who seek to create music that is “accessible, without compromise.

Disc: 1
1. LM-7: Aquarius - Gabriel Jackson
2. Flux - Ashley John Long
3. Diaphanousphere - Lucy Pankhurst
4. Five Short Pieces - Keith Tippett
5. Four Whispers for Archie's Chair - Keith Tippett

Disc: 2
1. Vent - Graham Fitkin
2. 4 Chair Legs - Eric Schwartz
3. In Memoriam - James Williamson
4. De L'hotel De La Ville a La Concorde - Michael Nyman